Our Services

During years, PANGEA acquired a deep know-how on a wide range of sectors that guarantees its customers the application of the best solutions according to their needs. For this reason, the consolidation of experiences in dierent territorial areas gives an even wider view of alternative solutions.

PANGEA built its skills by working successfully in Italy and in many places in the world.

Throughout the Italian territory, particularly in the most important Regions, its staff carried out projects regarding transport infrastructures and facilities (air, road, rail, water, pipeline modes), natural resourcers assessment and management, water supply, sewage and water purication systems, the design and the assessment of the environmental impact of renewable energy power plants (also planning the bio-energies supply chain), the Solid Waste management and the design of treatment plants.

Agriculture, Rural Development and Forestry

Environment and Climate Change

Urban Planning and Heritage and Local Development

Architecture and Engineering

Technical Assistance and Institutional Building

Economic and financial assessment

Energy consumption assessment

Biodiversity and wild life protection

Development of Cooperatives and Producer Organizations

The Implementation Process


Development needs analysis


Definition of the actions for the satisfaction of the development needs


Finding the local or international resources necessary for the success of the project


Finding the strategic partners, banks, public promotion agencies, private investors.


Definition of Public-Private Cooperation opportunities and modalities


Implementation and follow up