Agricultural projects mainly involve training and capacity building services to the staff of the public and private bodies in charge of implementing and developing the national  Rural Advisory and Extension Service.

Since 2003 PANGEA carries out the management of EU CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) agricultural subsidies to farmers and agricultural holdings in Italy, by developing the national  Integrated  Administration and  Control  System,  carrying out controls and continuously updating the related agricultural GIS and Land Parcel Identification System with regard to both the direct payment system and the rural development policies. It is worth noticing that the Italian IACS makes use of one the largest GIS in the world, keeping track of the application forms, the payments, and the controls over more than 1,5 million agricultural firms that use more than 12,5 million ha of agricultural land.

PANGEA supports governments and public administrations to conceive, articulate, manage and implement complex and demanding programs, and to complete them on time, within budget, and to the best quality standards.
PANGEA collaborates with some of the world’s major financing institutions (including European Commission, EBRD, World Bank) and has direct experience with all phases of program and project cycle management, including identification, preparation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of programs and projects.
PANGEA group has proven track record and extensive experience in developing capacity building programs, awareness-raising and project management approaches, for a variety of public and private clients and designing and delivering tailored training programs.

In the following table are listed all the projects implemented by PANGEA
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