Urban Master Plan of the Brcko Distric


The District of Brcko is considered experimental for the coexistence of different ethnic groups: Serbs, Croats and Bosnians. Precisely because of the multiethnic composition of the population, the Dayton Peace Agreement, and later an International Court of Arbitration, established the Brcko District as Autonomous County under the UN protectorate, through the presence of the Offce of the High Representative (OHR).
The Brcko District lies on the right bank of the Sava River and extends an area of 493.3 sq. km. while the surface of the central city is 183 sq. km. Located in the Posavina corridor (which connects the two parts of Republika Srska), the territory of Brcko lies at an altitude between 85 and 200 m. with the exception of Mount Majevica, whose north side lies in the southern part of the district, reaching an altitude of 200-400 m.

The work has been focused on some concerns and planning issues such as:
– Role of Brcko in the local context;
– Economic and Social Structures;
– Infrastructures of mobility;
– Habitat and its values ;
– Legal framework;
– Housing needs;
– Service sector needs;
– Productive sectors needs.

Each of these issues has been addressed through specific analyzes. In particular, the Master Plan involved:
– Vocations and environmental, infrastructural, economic and social trends;
– The major infrastructures and lines of communication;
– Action for the improvement of water, hydrogeological and forest management;
– The areas in which to define specific safeguard and protection actions;
– Areas where to drive urban development. The planning action has been unfolded through the identification of areas of potential economic development within the district territory, with particular regard to the impact of development programmes in the commercial, agro-food and manufacturing sectors.