Training to certify candidates for advisory services in agriculture and rural development and improve effectiveness of extension staff – KARP-CS-3(i)

Objectives of the Assignment:

To train the extension personnel of the Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development (MAFRD), as well as municipal advisory agents and private extension personnel, in technical topics combined and based on the request and needs of Agriculture Extension Service (AES) staff of MAFRD. The initiative included also training and certification of candidates for advisory services on agriculture and rural development.

Our services:

  • Training of advisors and extension agents, based on the need and requests of the AES of the MAFRD, under the “Training Certification program for Advisors” (TCP) programme;
  • Training of the extension staff, municipal advisory agents and private extension personnel within the “Training for advisory services on advanced technologies in agriculture and rural development” (TAT) programme;
  • Preparation and delivery of Promotional Materials and Workbooks for each module of both training courses;
  • Organization of two study tours in Italy.



  • P.A.N.G.E.A. SOC. COOP. CONS. (leader)
  • IAMB – Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (Italy)
  • PMC – Project Management and Consulting (Kosovo)