Technical Assistance to the Hunting Territorial Area (ATC) of the Province of Pistoia


Objectives of the Assignment:

The purpose of the contract is to provide technical assistance for the wildlife hunting management of ungulates and small game, as well as the Invasive Alien Species management throughout the territory of the ATC (Hunting Territorial Area, around 964 km2) of the Province of Pistoia, in order to reach and maintain sustainable densities defined at local level, taking into account the actual damage to agricultural crops, as well as to control and reduce potential environmental threats.

In particular, the objectives of this assignment can be summarized as follows:

  • evaluation of the vocational of the provincial district for the different species of ungulates and small game based on environmental parameters and anthropic factors;
  • identification of Management Units (UdG), ie homogeneous “homogeneous” areas for a given species;
  • definition of sustainable, even interspecific, densities identified for single UdGs;
  • definition of control and management plans and actions for Invasive Alien Species;
  • definition of the operative lines of faunistic and hunting management in the UdGs.

Our services:

  • Preparation and updating of the annual Wildlife Hunting and Management Plans related to ungulates, small game and Invasive Alien Species.
  • Implementation of census campaigns for Ungulates and Invasive Alien Species prior to the hunting season.
  • Implementation of census campaigns for Ungulates and Invasive Alien Species after the hunting season.
  • Reporting on the management of small game


  • D.R.E.AM. (leader)