Technical Assistance for planning and management of the agroforestry system of the Mountain Community of the Metalliferous Hills


Objectives of the Assignment:

Technical assistance for the planning and management of the agroforestry system, based also on multidisciplinary studies that allow a more careful and defined evaluation of the management approaches and of the required agronomic and silvicultural interventions.

Preliminary operations with verification of ownership and preparation of basic cartography are carried out, followed by the collection of descriptive and dendroauxometric or pastoral data with reference to the complementary studies (pedology, vegetation, zoology, infrastructures).

The core activities include the definition of management approaches, the drafting of the technical report and the plan of interventions, including the preparation of the thematic cartography.

The activities include:

  • the detection and the definition of management actions related to invasive alien animal and plant species;
  • the protection of the endangered herpetofauna

Our services:

  • Technical assistance for the planning and management of the agro-forestry system.
  • Technical assistance for the environmental protection and conservation, protection and enhancement of the endangered herpetofauna.
  • Realization and update of the Forest Types Charter detecting the Invasive Alien Species.


  • D.R.E.AM.