Technical Assistance for FADN: Target 2020


The contract aims at increasing the usage and functionality of Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) and data quality of FADN in Turkey. In this context, the contractor shall provide the following services:

  • Providing technical assistance services such as assessment of current FADN software and its facilities, preparation of annual FADN reports, establishing a FADN website, conducting visits to the target groups.
  • Organization of training to the central and provincial administrative staff of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MoAF) and to the non-governmental organisations and farmers, preparation of communication tools like brochures, posters, television and radio spots in order to raise the awareness on FADN.
  • Development of a data collection methodology and legal infrastructure for more efficient and reliable data collection for the implementation of FADN.

Technical Assistance for FADN: target 2020. The project aims to provide a full service of technical assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of the Republic of Turkey with the aim of implementing the national FADN system (Farm Accountancy Data Network). The final goal is to increase the technical competence of the Ministry staff and the other local technicians involved in the FADN and also the awareness of all the stakeholders. Other technical activities are included, as new national sampling plan, the development of a simulation model, training, activities of communication and dissemination.

Our services:

  • Management and coordination of the project
  • Training to different target groups on statistical software and tools, farm accountancy, GIS, data collection
  • New sample for FADN
  • Development of a statistical simulation model
  • Assessment of the national legal framework
  • Activities of communication and dissemination


  • P.A.N.G.E.A. SOC. COOP. CONS. (leader)
  • Agroresursu un Ekonomikas Institūts / Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics (AREI)
  • Põllumajandusuuringute Keskus / Agricultural Research Centre
  • IZI Metodi, Analisi e Valutazioni Economiche
  • Agamemnon Consulting Group