Strategy for Integrated Urban Sustainable Development (SISUS) for Three Municipalities Associated in Lecce


Objectives of the Assignment:

The assignment was developed in two phases. In the first one, it concerned the coordination, drafting and submission of a strategical proposal, candidate for a total amount of 4 million euro financing. Developed in the framework of European Urban Agenda, the proposal promotes urban regeneration combining actions oriented to improve: public buildings energetic efficiency, urban artificial surfaces permeability and greening, urban microclimate, green infrastructures presence and functioning, pedestrian cycling mobility, accessibility and architectural barriers elimination, the introduction of social uses inside abandoned or unfinished public buildings. In the second phase, the assignment focused on the context of Carmiano municipality, developing specific final designs regarding furniture system, vegetation and draining pavement introduction in  urban park and squares, a cycle path project, and public building restoration and re-functioning

Our services:

  • Technical Assistance to the Contracting Authority; Preparing project financial, narrative and technical reports;
  • Community involvement and workshop organization;
  • Technical activities such as: data collection, thematic in-depth analysis, GIS implementation, draft of the project proposal, definition of a logo and coordinated graphics;


MATE S.C. (sole consultant)