Sicily Regional Land Use and Forest Geographic Information System


The project gave to Sicily a very innovative working tool for the preservation and the sustainable development of natural assets, in order to provide a complete and detailed cognitive framework to set up incisive Land Use policies and to monitor their effects. IFRS provides a rich set of statistics and information sheets for a regional area of 2.5 million hectares.

Overall results:
– 102,000 plots for photo-interpretation belonging to a square grid of 500 meters on each side;
– 5400 relief on the ground for plots with acquisition of qualitative data;
– 1500 plots the acquisition of quantitative data (number of plants, diameter, height, classification of wood, regeneration, damage, etc..) estimate of above-ground carbon sinks.
The implementation has been achieved through remote sensing techniques with extensive testing and careful groundwork, covering an area of 1 million of hectares.