Restoration, conservation and enhancement of the western city wall and the fortress of Castelvecchio


The town of Conegliano, developed on the slopes of the high hill dominated by the fortress, over the centuries saw the growth of monasteries, craft and commercial activities that lead to the construction, in the first half of 1300, of a mighty defensive ring of walls by the Scala noble family.

In the fourteenth century the walls were enlarged and reinforced under the domination of Venice and of the Carraresi noble family, but as early as the ‘600, and the hub of the activities and of the city life began to move to the foothill flat, starting the economic and social development that left to gradual degradation the now unused fortifications.

Currently, the initiatives of the Municipality of Treviso regarding this area are all aimed at the creation of a real urban museum, divided into an integrated network of public spaces, architectural attractions and significant paths along the old city walls: its restoration and enhancement, together with the conservation of the castle, appears to have an essential and decisive role.

The conservation project to be undertaken has the double purpose of the restoration and the enhancement of the connection between the main significant objects of the medieval city, both in terms of public use functions as well as of the landscape perception of all the western defensive system.