Port of Cagliari Master Plan


The area covered by the Port Master Plan lies entirely in the Gulf of the Angels, or the Gulf of Cagliari, from St. Bartholomew Channel to the south as far as port Foxi. The interested municipalities are Cagliari, Capoterra and Sarroch, covering an area of 85,55 kmq with 164.249 inhabitants.

The significant elements that characterize the area are related to the Old Port, next to Cagliari’s historic center, between the breakwater to the east and the west breakwater, the harbor, the area included in the pond of Santa Gilla, and the coastal zone from the location of Giorgino and Saras industrial agglomeration. The Port of Cagliari is divided
into different functions, commercial, industrial and tourist center. The area is characterized by the proximity to the airport of Elmas (about 7 miles) and the train station of Cagliari, as well as the national roads SS 131 – Carlo Felice and SS 195 – Sulcitana, also including elements of high naturalness like the pond of Santa Gilla and Molentargius Park.

The environmental analysis allowed the identification of the specific and unique values to be protected and the criticalities of the territory, highlighted through the creation of detailed maps and the preparation of a set of specific indicators.

The obtained information have been related, through the preparation of environmental assessment matrices, with the actions of the Master Plan, in order to obtain an estimatimation of the most important environmental effects. According to the estimaded effects, the steps to take, in order to redue the impcts, has been identified, setting up a plan for monitoring and early detection, in case it would be necessary to implement corrective measures in the Plan.
The drafting process of the Strategic Environmental Assessment also included the consultation and participation of technicians, administrators, citizens and environmental stakeholders, in order to share the choices in land management.