Operational Activities Connected with the Development and the Management of the National Agricultural Information System (SIAN)


The aim of the project is to design, to implement and to test the Italian Agricultural Information System (SIAN). SIAN includes, as main task, the IACS (Integrated Administration and Control System) for the allocation of funds by the European Community to farmers inside the EU Common Agricultural Policy: this makes it of great importance in spatial planning, integrating various data sources, thus providing a powerful tool for planning sustainable Rural Development and Environmental Policies. In the framework of a wider project, that foresees the realization of numerous engineering and agricultural services for the centralised coordination of EU rules-based activities and checks in agriculture management, the contract foresee the support to the investments to conserve natural resources according to Water Framework Directive, Birds and Habitats Directive, Ambient Air Quality Directive, Floods Directive, and several other Environmental Impact Assessment Directives.