New “Health Citadel” of the Hospital of Treviso


The conversion of the Hospital of Treviso has been the objective of an initiative of Project Financing to better meet the modern health-care needs according to several destination, distribution and functional specification:

– the construction of a building with an high-tech centralized and integrated surgical center, with intensive and semi-intensive inpatient treatment wards;
– the conversion of existing volumes in more modern facilities suitable for the provision ofmore eficient health services;
– the merging into a single site of activities scattered across the territory;
– the creation of a green area (about 4 hectares) improving the Citadel, the river Sile (which flows through the area) and the general context of the city, allowing also the creation of a pedestrian and cycle route linking the urban areas of “Madonna Grande” and “Prà dea Fiera”;
– the reduction of the spaces dedicated to health care as a result of the optimization of the buildings to reallocate the administrative oces previously spread in several other locations;
– the redevelopment of a derelict area (ex Vetrelco) for training purposes.