Municipality of Varese: Plan of Territorial Government


Varese is located in the central eastern part of the province of which it is the capital. It is a “water territory”, including not only the eponymous lake but also many important rivers, of which the most important is the Olona. Varese is also known as “Garden City” for the endowment of green and the diffusion of gardens in the villas. The area is strategic from the logistics point of view, due to the proximity of major transport infrastructures such as the intercontinental airport of Malpensa and the Sempione axis as well as for its post-industrial characterization.

In the Plan, territorial, environmental and statistical indicators play a fundamental role according to the DPSIR model in order to identify causal connections, draw future scenarios, have the support necessary to evaluate their effects in terms of sustainability and represent clearly and transparently information.

The analysis of the territory is made within an analytical path of territorial benchmarks regarding: the environmental system, the mobility system, infrastructures and facilities, settlements, productive and residential areas. The physical organization of a territory through systems mainly involves the identification and the unveiling of the correlations, connections and interdependencies among them.

The use of participatory planning methods aims to achieve the goal of building a shared vision of the future development of the city and to facilitate the consolidation of innovative kinds of relationship between citizens and administration.