Master plan of the sewerage system in Venice peripheral and island areas


Contract to develop the project of the wastewater collection system of Venice peripheral and island areas (including: the old town centre outer area, i.e. parts of Cannaregio, Castello and Dorsoduro districts, Giudecca and S. Giorgio islands, as well as the areas out of the historic places of Murano and Burano isles) in accordance with criteria and technologies suitable to the environmental protection of Venice Lagoon, compliant with Article 5 of 91/271/EEC directive about high risk areas. Each project element has been quantified, as for both total investment costs, management costs and capital consumption allowance costs, and for the benefits deriving from the reduction of polluting and eutrophying agents. The option of collection of Fusina wastewater treatment plant has been developed. Works have been conceived to be fully waterproof, in order to prevent brackish water from flowing into the network. The project included also the stormwater collection system. The project included the environmental impact study and economic and management analysis to identify financial flows: analysis aimed at an industrial management logic (also according to the Italian Law 36/94) for the integrated water service.

ClientMunicipality of Venice