Marketing and Promotion of the Rural Villages of Marche Region


Objectives of the Assignment:

The project is related to the preparation of the marketing and promotion strategies of rural villages of the internal areas of the Marche region, creating the conditions for redevelopment interventions capable of catalysing the interest of investors and end-users. The project included a strong component related to the protection of the natural and historical landscapes as fundamental assets for the promotional path.

Our services:

  • Context analysis based on the SWOT analysis;
  • Drafting of a valorization strategy for rural villages;
  • Territorial animation, Collection of applications, Filing of the resulting building stock to be re-functionalized;
  • Drafting of feasibility studies proposing alternative re-functioning and management scenarios;
  • Analysis of the local rules and procedures and drafting of guidelines and communication dossier meant to ease potential investors.


  • MATE S.C. (sole consultant)