Management Plan of the Unesco Archeological Park “Su Nuraxi” of Barumini


Objectives of the Assignment:

The UNESCO recognition of the nuraghe “Su Nuraxi” of Barumini dates back to 1997 with the following motivation: “(…) The nuraghi of Sardinia, of which “Su Nuraxi” is the most important, constitute an exceptional response to particular political and social conditions. They highlight the imaginative and innovative use of materials and techniques available to a prehistoric island community “. The Management Plan is an obligatory tool for the permanence of the UNESCO Sites in the List of Universal Heritage (WHL. The management plan focused on the protection and the enhancement of the complex, taking also into account extraordinary landscapes produced by the traditional agriculture of the territory.

Our services:

  • Data collection and Thematic analysis (biodiversity, natural heritage, landscape);
  • Interdisciplinary evaluation of the conservation status of the site (e.g presence of infesting plants, downgrading of the materials, …);
  • Environmental and landscape assessment of the actions proposed by the management plan;
  • Definition of strategic actions to protect and to enhance the extraordinary landscapes of the complex.


  • MATE S.C. (Lead Partner)
  • I. Visalli
  • Archaeologist D. M. Murgia