Management of the regional centre for training on forest fire fighting and training of the operators


Objectives of the Assignment:

In order to best comply with training requirements, the Region of Tuscany built “La Pineta di Tocchi”, a training regional centre, which was inaugurated in April 2007 and that is used to inform and theoretically and practically train the staff that – at different levels – deals with activities of prevention and fighting of forest fires.

In this structure, for much of the year, a number of courses are carried out, with the aim of enhancing operational activities, of training and safety of the whole fire fighting staff, belonging to public administration as well as associations performing voluntary work.

Currently, 22 different courses are carried out in turn, all of them dealing with forest fire fighting, among which courses meant for basic operators, courses on safety under forest fire fighting conditions, courses on driving all-terrain fire fighting vehicles, as well as courses designed for team leaders,  lookouts, staff in charge of operations rooms at the regional and provincial levels,  forest engineers, directors in charge of fire fighting operations, staff dealing with fire-related activities, and for designers of prescribed burning workplaces. In the future, also other typologies of courses are going to be performed, which are taking into consideration all training requirements of the staff dealing with forest fire prediction, prevention and fight.

The centre features three classrooms, one of which (with about one hundred seats) can accommodate about thirty people in comfortable bedrooms, and cater for over 80 people. Moreover, it is equipped with facilities meant for recreational activities in the evening.

The following courses are held on the premises of the centre by our trainers:

Training courses for different professional qualifications/roles:

  1. Course for AIB professionals – I and II  level
  2. Course for crew leaders
  3. Course for extinguishing operations leaders
  4. Course for professionals dealing with activities in the operations room
  5. Course for professionals in charge of the operations room
  6. Course for lookouts
  7. Course for staff dealing with fire-related activities
  8. Course for planners of prescribed burning workplaces

Courses for specific activities:

  1. Safe driving in AIB environment – I and II level
  2. Safe driving in AIB environment with heavy vehicles
  3. Use of AIB operational cartography
  4. GPS use in AIB environment
  5. Radio use in AIB environment
  6. Wood ecosystem and wildfires
  7. Chain saw safe use in AIB environment – I and II level
  8. Communication techniques
  9. Fire ecology
  10. Meteorology applied to AIB
  11. Techniques of preventive silviculture
  12. Techniques of restoration of fire-affected areas
  13. Boundaries demarcation techniques of fire-affected areas
  14. Investigation techniques in forest fire criminal offence


D.R.E.AM. (Leader)