Management and Development of the National Agricultural Information System (SIAN)


In Italy, each year, around 1,2 millions of farmers apply for aids under the Common Agricultural Policy and the Rural Development programmes, claiming a total of more than 6 billions euro. Before approval PANGEA, on behalf of the Italian payment agency AGEA (or the regional equivalent), carries out different types of control and support activities to ensure that the constraints are satisfied and that the applicants have the right to receive the aid: each application to be successful, environmental and production level constraints must be satisfied, including the sustainable use of water resources and the implementation of sustainable irrigation techniques.
Italy spends around 150 millions euro to carry out these controls each year within the SIAN (Italian Agricultural Information System), the main administrative tool of institutional development and capacity building in the Italian agricultural and rural development policies: as a function of the regional and national Italian legislation, Pangea provides technical assistance to the involved public administrations to improve their institutional capacity concerning the effcient response to the farmers’ applications and the achievement of the sustainable agricultural development targets, moreover provides technical advice to farmers to support compliance with productive and sustainability targets.