General Local Plan of the Municipality of Kukes and Diber


Objectives of the Assignment:

The project concerns the General Local Plan of the Municipality of Kukes and Diber. The assignment comprises two levels of planning: Strategic level where has been defined the long term vision of the territory. The strategic vision identified criticism and potential for the local development and has set up the basis of the General Local Plan; the Development Plan e Local Regulation level, that included the land use and zoning plan, the urban and natural landscape protection program, the public infrastructure and facilities plan and the action plan.

Our services:

  • Coordination and supervision of the project development process;
  • Data collection and Thematic in-depth analysis, GIS implementation;
  • Buildings, facilities and infrastructures surveys;
  • Urban and Landscape design and drafting of the Regulation;
  • Masterplanning of strategic areas;
  • Training on the job.


  • MATE S.C. (leader)
  • A&I DESIGN (Albania)