Detailed Plan of the Nautical Citadel of Ravenna


The Forlì-Cesena-Ravenna area is the northern destination of the Middle Adriatic Territorial System, crossing from South to North, Abruzzo, Marche and Romagna. Although it is not directly affected by the passage of an European Corridor, the area of the “Romagna Triangle” is crossed by major infrastructure of national importance, destined to assume, for the presence of the port of Ravenna, the Forlì airport and the Intermodal Center of Cesena, in parallel with the development of the TEN-T, an important role in linking the major European hubs of the existing and planned networks.

The Nautical Citadel is part of the “Integrated System for Yachting”, developed by the Port Authority of Ravenna and awarded full marks with the Quality Award “Challenges-Good Ideas 2007″ by the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers and the Public Administration Forum.
The Nautical Citadel is growing near the harbor of Ravenna through the conversion of an area of over 54 hectares, once used as a petrochemical plant.
To complete the initiative, three influential private groups operating in the port of Ravenna made available to the project an additional 16 hectares area, where to develop complementary activities related to scientific research.

Width of the internal channel: 60 m (comp. 1/2), 50 (comp. 3/4), 40 (comp. 5); Depth of the inner channel: 5 m; Docks: 2.210 m; Internal channel surface: 8 ha; Areas facing channel dedicated to shipbuilding (excluding car parks): 14 ha; Adriatank/Rosetti Area (excluding car parks): 6,5 ha;Protan area (excluding roads and parking lots): 7 ha; Fund for the craft industry (excluding car parks): 14 ha; Streets and parking lots: 6,5 ha; Service, green and culture areas: 14 ha; Building for shipbuilding surface: 44.000 sqm; Surfaces created for research/testing/training: 23.000 sqm; Directional areas: 40.000 sqm; Commercial and hospitality areas: 15.000 sqm; Surfaces for the craft industry: 32.550 sqm; Business incubators: 10.750 sqm; Parking areas: 46.000 sqm.