Detailed Forest Management Plans- Region of Sardinia


The contract concerns 51.430 hectars and includes the following services, performed by over 100 operators sta:
– Preliminary verication of the properties, photo-interpretation and drafting of subdivision into parcels and sub-parcels;
– Descriptive surveys of forest parcels to dene qualitative and quantitative aspects, damages, management and intervention hypothesis;
– Dendrometric surveys;
– Forest roads and buildings of interest surveys;
– Facilities and infrastructures of interest surveys;
– Study of the pastoral areas;
– Study of plants and vegetation;
– Zoological and phytosanitary studies;
– Denition of the management policies;
– Preparation of technical report;
– Drafting of the plan of silvicultural and pastoral interventions;
– Drafting of the buildings, infrastructures, roads and facilities management plan;
– Forest res prevention plan;
– Design, creation and implementation of the Forest Information System.