Design of the integrated door-to-door collection system of municipal waste for various neighborhoods of Turin Municipality


Objectives of the Assignment:

Providing technical assistance to AMIAT SpA, the urban hygiene company of Turin Municipality, in connection with the design and implementation of the integrated door-to-door collection system of municipal waste in various neighborhoods.

Our services:

  • Needs assessment in an area hosting about 200,000 inhabitants: information concerning waste production by households and businesses has been collected on field by means of a specific IT tool, previously developed by a specialized IT company in cooperation with AMIAT and Corintea.
  • Development of technical specifications for the new collection scheme (identification of: characteristics of collection equipment and bins, collection frequencies and volumetric requirements).
  • Design of the collection system (identification of: collection equipment to be provided to each household/business user, required collection vehicles and operators; collection logistics and operating times);
  • Information exchange with building managers and individual users for the entire duration of the project, in order to provide all relevant clarifications on the delivery of equipment and the rules of the new collection scheme.
  • Planning for equipment delivery