Cycling Park Path in Urban and Environmental value areas for The Municipality of San Donà di Piave


Objectives of the Assignment:

The assignment activities started in December 2012 and have been completed in three years, and involved 13 municipalities. The main objective of the project was to connect the interested areas, under a comprehensive programme of protection and enhancement of the area’s natural land- and cityscapes, with regional scale itineraries, thus forming a complementary connecting system of pedestrian cycle mobility, endowed with safe paths, dedicated lanes, presence of boardwalks, signage and also, in awkward hubs, street lightening. The continuous pedestrian cycling itineraries of the park (projected and then realized for the overall amount of 3.300.000,00€ in works) exceed the total length of the 35 km.

Our services:

  • Concept and Detailed Design,
  • Assistance to Construction site Supervision,
  • Safety and Health coordination.


MATE S.C. (Leader)