Cycling Park along Savena River – Technical-Economic Feasibility Study for Pianoro Municipality


Objectives of the Assignment:

The feasibility study concerns a pedestrian cycling park 7090 metres long, running along Savena river for 4900 metres and connecting the manufacturing area of Rastignano-Carteria (an hamlet under the municipality of Sesto) with Pianoro old town centre. The project joins also the two sides of the river through boardwalks, partially existing and needing reparations. The cycling park goes across either urbanized areas and river environments; these ones are not subject to environmental restrictions; the intervention is meant to allow the accessibility and the use of the river area and its surroundings for leisure activities, thus realizing the dispositions of municipal and regional urban planning instruments.  Besides its recreational value, the path is meant to provide a local mobility infrastructure as well as to enhance and protect the natural and urban landscapes of the river.

Our services:

  • Data collection and analysis;
  • Environmental and landscape assessment of the actions proposed;
  • Masterplan drafting


  • MATE S.C. (sole consultant)