Brka Industrial Park Master Plan


The area covered by the master plan is located in the District of Brcko in Bosnia- Herzegovina. The District represents a fundamental crossroad and, potentially, a multimodal transportation hub both for Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Balkans. Thanks to the river Sava and the connection with the Danube system, the District of Brcko is a privileged way to Central and Eastern Europe. It is also equidistant from three major industrial, economic and political centers of the former Yugoslavia: Belgrade (200 km), Zagreb (270 km) and Sarajevo (210 km).
The industrial area, of about 130 hectares, is reached by a regional road (and, in the future, also from the connection from Tuzla to Zupanja) and by the railway line linking Brcko with Tuzla: for these reasons, the urban planning project includes the development of an intermodal freight terminal with an area of about 30.000 sqm.
During planning, four main stages of evolution of about 30 acres each have been identified, in order to allow a gradual development over time in relation with the other infrastructures of the District, as well as with economic and financial needs.
Each development phase has been planned for the smooth integration with already existing settlements. The sequence of stages culminates in a proposal for the reorganization of the road connections of the industrial plants with the transport infrastructure of the district (railways and highways), to support the high possibilities of development and transformation of this area.