Analysis of the Tourism Clusters of Sicily


Objectives of the Assignment:

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and has a rich and unique culture, highly attractive in terms of tourism potential, whose value has been assessed within this contract. In fact, PANGEA carried out a Marketing Performance Research related to assess the current and potential tourism development of Sicily, particularly focusing on the development of specific geo-tourism clusters as well as on the protection of the historical land- and cityscapes, by defining specific guidelines.

Our services:

  • Data collection, including field research and interviews with stakeholders, tourism operators and actual tourists; Thematic in-depth analysis, Context analysis including SWOT analysis;
  • Analysis of local and international stakeholders, analysis of companies operating in the tourism sector;
  • Geo-referencing of attractors and structures, development of attractiveness and competitiveness indicators for each tourist district;
  • Drafting of Suggestions for a regional tourism policy and for project actions.


MATE S.C. (sole consultant)