Analysis and Studies for the Protection and Enhancement of the Simeto River Natural Park


Objectives of the Assignment:

As part of the drafting of the Study for the Enhancement of the Simeto River, a strategy for the Marketing Plan was drawn up with a set of strategic actions. The actions are focused on a complex area that includes plain, hill and mountain areas and involve 3 provinces and 12 municipal areas (9 in the province of Catania, one in the province of Enna and two in the province of Messina), in addition to parks, protected areas and the Unesco Site. The main themes of the strategy are 1) Development of the Etna Unesco Heritage Site and Park; 2) River environment, park and protected areas; 3) Historical-architectural heritage, museums, events, traditions: towards thematic island itineraries; 4) Protection and enhancement of the natural and traditional agricultural landscapes; 5) Unifying excursion and tourist practices.

Our services:

  • Technical activities such as data collection, thematic in-depth analysis, review of past projects and planning documents relevant to the future development of the area, GIS implementation, Context analysis based on the SWOT analysis, Draft of the project proposal;
  • Drafting of guidelines for the enhancement of the natural, urban and landscape asset resources;
  • Territorial marketing plan and project action;


  • MATE S.C.