PANGEA is a leading engineering cooperative company, operating nationally and internationally in the agro-forest, architectural, environmental and infrastructure fields.

PANGEA, whose consolidated turnover exceeded Euro 12 million in 2017 and 2018 and Euro 13 million in 2019, uses participatory approaches and multidisciplinary methodologies to shape land and urban areas as well as to design interventions to defend the land and its population, soil, water and natural resources, especially against catastrophic events, both natural or humancaused.

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During years, PANGEA acquired a deep know-how on a wide range of sectors that guarantees its customers the application of the best solutions according to their needs. For this reason, the consolidation of experiences in di¬erent territorial areas gives an even wider view of alternative solutions.
Below is a detailed description of the company’s activity areas:

Agriculture, Rural Development and Forestry

Environment and Climate Change

Urban Planning and Heritage and Local Development

Architecture and Engineering


Technical Assistance and Institutional Building

Economic and financial assessment

Energy consumption assessment

Biodiversity and wild life protection

Development of Cooperatives and Producer Organizations