Technical assistance for support to mechanism for monitoring Turkey’s greenhouse gas emissions


PANGEA is the leading partner of the consortium that has been granted with this contract, still to be started.
Its purpose is to provide the essential elements for the establishment of a fully functioning monitoring mechanism of greenhouse gas emissions in Turkey, in line with the EU Monitoring Mechanism Decision 280/2004/EC, while taking into account relevant and likely aspects of the expected revision of the Decision.
The project will support Turkey in its efforts to contribute effciently and effectively to the EU effort to achieve the stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level which prevents dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate change.

The project will achieve the following results:
– Institutional, legal and procedural arrangements in place and linked to the planning, preparation and management of the inventory;
– Improvement of the quality of the National Inventory Reports (for all its sectors, Energy, Industrial processes, Solvents, Agriculture, LULUCF, Waste), with a focus on improved estimations and reporting following UNFCCC and IPCC guidelines.
– Improvement of the data quality and technical capacity for preparing elements of the National Communications and biennial update report.