Technical assistance for digitisation of Land Parcel Identication System (LPIS) – LOT 2


The objective of this contract is the establishment of the Turkish Land Parcel Identication System (LPIS, the main component of the Turkish IACS), through the creation of a seamless geo-database of reference parcels (physical blocks) covering the whole national territory under LOT 2 (about 390.000 km2), in favour of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock (MoFAL). The geo-database is composed of digitization of initial LPIS including agricultural surfaces (arable, grass lands and pastures, vineyards, olive groves and other permanent crops) in addition to digitization of non-agricultural areas outside/inside the physical blocks. The physical blocks contain selected landscape features for GAEC’s (Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition) purposes and selected area-based measures of the Rural Development Plan (RDP) and Digitization remaining gaps (i.e. forests, water bodies, rocks, etc.) to avoid the identication and declaration of agricultural parcels by farmers in non-eligible areas.